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Creating a database for the users within your organization is only the first step. You may have data that needs to be accessed by users outside your organization or by users on the go.

Any database solution created by iSolutions can be “Web enabled” using php allowing users from around the world to add, edit, modify or search through your records. We will also provide airtight security to ensure that by allowing access to your databases, the integrity of your data will remain intact. We can also design custom shopping carts with secure credit card authorization, email notification and anything else you desire in a web site.

FM_Go14Once your custom database has been developed, with a few clicks, you can upload and run the solutions on your devices using FileMaker Go, the leading business database app for iPad and iPhone. Databases created for the iPad and iPhone can also automatically run on the desktop – no re-tooling needed. We can create custom layouts for each device and can even design complex scripts allowing FileMaker Go to communicate with other apps on your device. Databases on FileMaker Go also also allow you to capture image and video, signatures and embed files.

What is FileMaker Go?

Additionally, iSolutions has lived up to our “forward thinking” mantra throughout the years by integrating other technologies into FileMaker layouts to provide unparalleled user experiences, interactivity and data visualization. Back inHTML5_Logo_256 2000, we pioneered the integration of Flash and FileMaker and then recently broke through again as pioneers in integrating HTML5/JavaScript technologies into FileMaker layouts on desktops and iOS devices. We constantly challenge ourselves, the FileMaker product and the industry by continuing to explore new ways to extend the FileMaker platform, thus allowing you the peace of mind to know that all technologies are being evaluated for your solution’s strategy.

Check out our FileMaker and HTML5 Examples here

Our staff will work with you to develop a deployment strategy and can include web access using php or iPhone and iPad devices and you can trust that we will always choose the best technology combinations in the industry.

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